Jace Hansen Periodontics and Dental Implants in Boise ID
Jace Hansen Periodontics and Dental Implants in Boise ID

LANAP Procedure and Protocol using the Periolase

LANAP is the only FDA-Cleared Laser Periodontitis Protocol that is Histologically, Scientifically & Clinically Guaranteed to Work. LANAP is a very patient friendly procedure that does not require incision or stitches. It is a much more comfortable procedure than traditional Osseous surgery, during and after the procedure. Usually the protocol
is a consultation, 1-2 surgical visits and 2-4 follow up visits to a healthier, more stable periodontal status.

LANAP provides a long term predictable results. A much higher percentage of periodontal patients remain stable for longer and can actually regenerate bone. A drinkable diet is usually recommended for the first 3 days and a softer food diet for 1 month to allow optimal healing. In traditional Osseous surgery the recovery can often take a few weeks where the patient may have pain and swelling. With LANAP the patients generally have no pain or swelling and can return to normal activities the following day.

LANAP therapy is also safe for many patients with health concerns. Please contact us to find out if you are a candidate today!